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i am Disney's __________!
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a claim community for Disney~
iam_disney's. . . !

i n t r o

Welcome to iam_disneys, a claiming community dedicated solely to Disney movies!

r u l e s

1) Before making your claim, please check the claims list (A-M and N-Z). The claims list is categorized by film title, NOT by character name. Both animated AND non-animated characters from any Disney film/television show will be accepted. Also, it doesn't matter if a character has a sequel to their original film; once the character is claimed, that's it.
2) One claim per character, one person per claim. That means if someone has claimed character X that he/she is no longer up for grabs. Everyone will be able to claim one character. First come, first serve. A character can be re-claimed only if the person who originally claimed him/her drops their claim on said character.
3) When claiming a character, please tag your post with
!claiming. DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG. The mods will do it once your claim is accepted.
*(Here is a complete list of Disney movies if you are unsure of who you'd like to claim)!
4) When claiming a character, please post with this:

That's all. Do not tag your post (with the exception of the aforementioned !claiming tag).
5) Once your claim is accepted, the mods will remove the
tag and comment your post to let you know.
6) Please don't make journals to claim more than one character. That's not really fair to everyone else. If a mod notices that your journal is inactive and/or deleted, your claim will be void and that character will be available for someone else to claim.
7) Please link back to the community in some way (example: putting "iam_disneys [character here]" in your profile/intro. post/claiming post/etc.)
8) When dropping your claim, please tag your post with
9) When dropping your claim with the intention of claiming another character, please tag your post with !re-claiming. Please post with the original format (see rule #4).
10) Please use "Hakuna Matata!" as the subject line of your post. If this is missing, your claim will be rejected and you will be asked to review the rules.
11) Do not contact the mods if your claim is not approved right away. It may take a day or two.
*Please note that demeter will be processing claims of characters from films A-M, while hepburnette will be approving claims of characters from films N-Z. If you notice that someone else's claim is approved earlier than yours it is likely that the other mod is offline. Both mods are on different time schedules, so please try to be patient.
12) If it has been more than a week and your claim has not been processed (or if you have any miscellaneous questions/concerns), feel free to refer to the page a mod post. Someone will get back to you asap.

To affiliate with the community, please leave a comment here.

Thank you for visiting iam_disneys!